The performance of every website depends not just on the script which it uses, but also on the web server where it is accommodated. In case the hardware is powerful and dependable, the apps that run on it will perform well. Additional RAM, for instance, means that more processes can work in the same time, while a faster processor means that these processes will be executed much faster. This matters since a hosting service involves emails, databases, logs, and many others, so each of the aforementioned processes must have some system resources in order to function properly. In the event that the server does not have an adequate amount of power, the websites hosted on it will not perform well or can even time out in case the machine is unable to handle all the requests to it. Hosting your websites on servers with the right hardware will give you the performance that you want for them.
24-core servers, hardware in Shared Web Hosting
The servers that we use for our shared web hosting plans are powerful enough to provide the best performance of your websites and in case you are moving from another company, you will quickly feel the difference. Not only is our platform comprised of clusters of servers that manage every part of the Internet hosting service (files, emails, databases, logs, etc.), but each cluster consists of powerful machines, each one with 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM and SSD drives. Our hardware stands behind our service and performance guarantees and regardless of the apps you wish to run, you will never experience any decrease in their performance. The hosting service makes use of the power of all the machines and since we can add servers to each cluster, we practically have an Internet hosting powerhouse with infinite resources. As your Internet sites will be hosted on this platform, the hardware will never be a limit for their growth.